Every businessman pursuing his business development is right or appropriate to address to markets out of one’s country for the products he produces or the services he provides, utilizing various financial aids either sponsored by organizations overseas or by other countries and to exchange experiences and knowledge expanding one’s professional horizon. This also applies to every business (micro, small or medium-sized enterprises). F.F. CONSULTING provides inclusive solutions and services for the development of exportation and the reinforcement of the openness of subordinate or under construction businesses. Our specialized corporate members with a lot of experience in the field of export MARKETING, offer you substantial consulting services, both on the designing and implementation of your goals for growth or reinforcement of exportation.  The specialized Export Department provides you with:

  • Market studies concerning the industry and the sector with the products the client is interested in.
  • Creating an etiquette of the export product.
  • Follow-up of the clients’ and the target-group’s needs on the selected market with constant analytical reports.
  • Marketing of exportation and finding of the suitable partners.
  • Market search and sales control.
  • Supportive actions in international exhibitions.
  • international correspondence and trade conversations.



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